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Janus International is the Global leader for self storage solutions. Our innovative and durable product range has been used to build over 4 million self storage units around the world.

As the leading supplier and manufacturer of self storage solutions in the world we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different markets and as a result a wide range of products, solutions and installation experience. With an emphasis on innovation, we continually develop self storage solutions that improve both the operational and customer experience of a self storage facility.

With our experienced sales, customer service and contracting teams, we are dedicated to building long-term partnerships with our customers through our emphasis on innovation, product quality, project management and customer support.

Our Self Storage Solutions include:
Hallway systems
Roll-up doors
Swing doors
Top boxes
Portable modular storage units
Economical buildings

With the capability to manufacture bespoke solutions, supply and install Janus International is the company to Trust with your self storage project.